AWC manufactures low horsepower compressor packages with some of the most advanced controls in the industry.

Looking for a natural gas compressor package to meet emissions? No, problem! AWC has designed their Natural Gas Driven compressor packages with the ability to meet the strictest emission regulations in the United States. AWC has the only compressor package able meet the New Mexico State Emission Certification Standards.

  • Drivers can be Natural Gas or Electric
  • Fully Automated Controls with 5.7” Touchscreen Display
  • Remote Start and Stop Capability
  • Remote monitoring of the compressor which includes detailed text-message call outs to notify when the unit goes down, what caused it to go down and when it is started up again.
  • Units are equipped with multiple safety features including belt guards, heat guards, emergency stop buttons, pressure relief valves and vibration sensors
  • Using our custom software, units are capable of interaction with plunger lift wells
  • All software is written in house which allows us to customize each unit as needed. This could include plunger lift controls, password protection, remote start and stop, engaging and disengaging the clutch automatically, etc.
  • Trailer mounted units available for easy relocation if needed
  • Sizes of compressors range from Quincy 325PNG to the Quincy 5120PNG and up. This large range of sizes makes our units compatible for wells that need to move as little as 40 MCF all the way up to 350 MCF and higher!
  • Compressor Packages are available for Rent or Purchase
  • All preventative maintenance is included in the rental price and service contracts are available for units that are purchased.

Simply give us the current conditions on your wells and we will let you know the best option and size of compressor package to meet your needs.


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